Welcome To Troop 88 Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

This flyer is intended to provide a basic understanding of Troop 88 and Scouting.  For more detailed information please refer to This is Troop 88 Scouting, the Troop 88 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or the official website of the Boy Scouts of America, www.Scouting.org.

Troop 88 has an especially active, varied and year-around program that includes 2-3 meetings most months and at least 1 outing a month, which includes camping, exploring, hiking / backpacking, sailing, canoeing, rafting, caving, or participating in community service projects. 


Scouting within Troop 88 means adventure and challenge, but also opportunity to grow as a leader.  Every troop activity undertaken is designed to teach boys the value of leadership, self-reliance, responsibility and respect. 

Who Can Join Troop 88 Troop 88 welcomes any interested boy of Scout age (11 years old OR have completed the fifth grade OR have earned the Arrow of light, whichever occurs first). A boy does NOT have to graduate from Cub Scouts or WEBELOS to become a Boy Scout.  

Troop 88 MeetingsTroop 88 meets two to three times a month on Sunday evenings at 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at St. Katharine Drexel Church in Mechanicsburg, PA., and does not typically meet on holidays.  Leadership understands sports and academics can often conflict with Troop meeting / event schedules.

New Scout Joining Troop 88A New Scout is typically assigned to one of the New Scout Patrols, which are comprised of similar skills and ages of Scouts that have an experienced Scout assigned as a Troop Guide who helps and mentors them during their first year in Scouting.  New Scouts usually stay together for approximately one year, after which time they may be assigned to a regular patrol. 

What Does it Cost to Join Troop 88: As of Dec 2017 – The BSA Registration annual fee for youth and leaders is $33.  Boys’ Life magazine—optional, but strongly recommended is $12.  Troop 88 operates outings and events on a “pay as you go’ basis.  This means that each Scout attending an outing or will pay share the fee to defray just the cost of the outing.  Additionally, optional BSA Summer camp (highly recommended) and High Adventure treks typically cost between $230.00 to over $1,000.

Boy Scouting is not Cub Scouts: Parents and New Scouts are or may be surprised to see how different Boy Scouting is from Cub Scouting. 

The Cub Scout program is family-centered, while the Boy Scout program is Scout / Youth-centered.  Scouts themselves provide the planning and leadership for Troop 88 Scout activities (with adult guidance). The Scouts elect their troop leadership and plan activities (with adult guidance) to participate with other Scouts within his patrol under Scout leadership. Activities like camping, backpacking, hiking, treks, Summer Camp are central components of the Troop 88 program. 

A Boy Scout advances at his own pace and is required to seek out advancement opportunities and Scoutmaster Conferences. In addition to rank advancement, Scouts also earn Merit Badges, and for the ranks of Star, Life and Eagle, merit badges are required. Scouts learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers as they earn those merit badges.

Uniforms: In general, Scout and Adult Leaders will wear a full Scout uniform (Field Uniform) to all meetings, to and from all outings / events /campouts, and typically any time we are in the public eye.  At other times they will wear a modified or Activity Uniform. 

When a youth joins Troop 88 he is provided with a neckerchief, Scout handbook and two (2) Troop 88 Activity Uniform T-Shirts.

Troop 88 Scout RecognitionIndividual Scout achievement is typically recognized at a Troop 88 Court of Honor. Troop 88 holds a minimum of two Courts of Honor each year in the summer and the winter.  Between Courts of Honor the Scoutmaster will recognize Scout achievement during regular Troop meetings.


Contact address:   Scoutmaster - Mr. Ramon Santos / Email  -  rsantos0330@gmail.com / Phone  -  (616) 406-8810




Troop 88’s website   http://www.mechtroop88.org

(There are public and private sections of the website.  Only registered Troop 88 members (Scouts, Scout Parents, and Adult Leaders) have access to the private sections of the website.)



These notes are intended to help you to learn about our Troop and Scouting, hopefully find answers to any questions you may have about joining Troop 88 or learn who to contact to get more detailed answers. The Scoutmaster or any of our Assistant Scoutmasters will gladly answer any question you may have about the Troop or Scouting, and if they can’t answer it directly, help you find a source to get an answer.

We have an especially active, varied program that include 2-3 meetings most months year-around and at least 1 outing a month. Our Troop 88 Scouts can plan on camping, exploring, hiking / backpacking, sailing, canoeing, rafting, caving, and participating in service projects that benefit our community. Our Scouting program is active throughout all 12 months each year.

Scouts that actively participate will advance through the ranks of Scouting.  Those that are dedicated will most likely attain Scouting's most prestigious honor, Eagle Scout Rank.  Since the Troop was founded in 1998, there have been 38 Scouts earn their Eagle Rank.


While the Troop is active year-around, we acknowledge that many boys that join our Troop are also active in other activities, such as marching band, team and individual sports, academic pursuits, etc. Troop 88’s Scouting program does not prevent those activities and fully expect that other commitments will at times prevent involvement with Troop activities.  So our program takes that into account and tries to vary times and activities to allow Scouts to engage with Scouting while maintaining well rounded sports and academic activities outside of Scouting.  Our troop focus is to offer Scout activities that will be fun and help develop skills and leadership that will stay with them throughout their lives. 

Note: A copy of this information in its entirety (much more detail) can be downloaded from documents tab.